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AirWave micro

AirWave micro

To be able to respond to the complex demands of fulfillment services and logistical challenges, we offer you perfect support with our reliable AirWave air cushion machines. The flexible and quick helpers can be easily integrated into existing workflows, are easy to operate, and can be individually adjusted to your needs. The compact size, lightweight feature, and high production speeds for different air cushion or air pillow formats make them small multi-talented machines. The perfect air cushion machine.

What might you actually expect of a packaging system that makes work easier for you? That it also masters demanding tasks flexibly and reliably? That it offers more performance? That it helps you effectively save costs while strictly complies with high environmental standards? Rely on an air pillow system that answers your questions - instead of raising new ones. Rely on AirWave automatic air pillow machines.

Purchase or rent your air cushion machine from the specialists of AirWave Packaging Services.