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AirWave Mini air cushion machine

The AirWave Mini is small, manageable, and easy to operate – yet still produces great results. Designed as a reliable compact system, it produces cushion chains continuously. The prepared cushion pockets are inflated and sealed with a seam. Flexible to use, the AirWave Mini is a true asset for your shipping department.

  • Lightweight

  • Very easy to operate with few function keys

  • Change rolls in seconds

  • Rolls are particularly high yielding

  • 33 feet per minute (>100cushions/minute)

  • 20+30μ film for optimal preservation of resources

  • 100% recyclable material

  • Designed to be robust and to require low maintenance

  • Regular power connection is all you need

Available with the following film types:

Air cushion chain 200 mm wide – 30µm – 450 rm– 20µm – 700 rm

  • Type 6.1 AirWave mini air cushion chain 3.94 x 7.81 inch

  • Type 6.2 AirWave mini air cushion chain 4.72 x 7.81 inch 

  • Type 6.3 AirWave mini air cushion chain  7.81 x 7.81 inch

  • Type 6.1B AirWave mini air cushion chain; 3.94 x 7.81 inch

  • Type 6.2B AirWave mini air cushion chain 5.90 x 7.81 inch


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A x B mm
Pieces/PU Package 1 Description
12200 AirWave Mini air cushion machine 9 x 15.74 x 16.14 inch 1 Piece
$1,398.00  AirWave Mini air pillow machine